CTS are branching out

Launching in October 2019. We are taking advantage of the move to our new premises. Our new premises has a better layout, a spacious design and plenty of customer parking to allow us to expand our store.

What will we stock?

Our website will allow customers to order and purchase Split logs in a variety of loads sizes to suit your needs or simply your boot. Wood chip ideal  for beds, boarders and paths. For loose who like something a bit different, planning a wedding or are in the business of entertaining talk to us about or wood products. We have wooden slices perfect for that centre piece or cake stand, name holders, candle holders, coasters, crafts and more. Also available from time to time will be specialist of unique bits of timber ideal for turns, carvers or someone with a project. 

Keep checking our website www.woodandlogstore.co.uk for the latest projects and products.

Worried about the environment and the impact of forestry? Not only to CTS as a company support the efforts of Forestry England and Woodland Trust but the products sold by CTS are a bi product of our main services. Our Timber, Wood chip and other products are created using the bi-products created on jobs across the South West. You could be looking at a piece of Cherry from LiveWest Housing Limited site, a Monterey Pine from Penlee Park or a Pine tree from recents Highways maintain works on the A30 in Devon and Cornwall. 

So the next time you look at a timber product ask it " what's your story then?"

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    The beauty of nature
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    Bed, Boarders and Paths

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