When most people think of forestry, they see images of forests and woodlands being devastated but there is much more to Forestry then cutting down trees.  At Combined Tree Services we want to help protect and provide these wonderful pockets of nature for our current and next generation, by working with the Forestry Commission to protect our forests and woodlands from those who do not so that generations of people and animals can continue to enjoy them for years to come.

Our Forestry services include but not limited to;

  • Forest / Woodland Consultancy
  • Forest / Woodland Management services & planning
  • Felling, Coppicing, Extraction and Wind Rowing
  • Tree planting and maintenance
    • Woodland improvement and management programmes
    • Invasive weed control
    • Restoration of ancient woodlands, semi-natural and historic landscape woodlands
  • Habitat improvements


Please call 01209 714796 or email office@combinedtreeservices.co.uk us today for more information.